Stop Feeding Yourself Garbage

You hear this all the time when you are getting into health and fitness.  You are told to eat healthy and treat your body right in order to obtain the body that you have always wanted.  You switch your eating habits, work out more and start to see some things change to your body.  You are tighter in some areas and able to accomplish more sit ups than you were able to before, you fit into some of your clothes better and you feel your confidence gaining.

People start noticing that you are different, which makes you feel even better.  You knew you started on this path for a reason and them noticing validates it even more.  You continue to eat right and exercise until you hit your ultimate goal you set for yourself.  You got to this point because you stopped feeding yourself garbage.

Now, let’s think about if we did this for your mind.  You feed yourself garbage in your mind, most likely daily.  If you think about the things that you have truly wanted to accomplish, think of the things that you have told yourself as reasons that you couldn’t accomplish them.

Maybe you don’t have the time, maybe you don’t think you are good enough, maybe you think you have to be an expert, maybe you think your family and friends would think you were insane, or maybe you have a bad day and garbage talk is all that fills your head.  You can’t seem to escape it.

It’s so easy to get stuck in garbage self talk.  What isn’t easy, is taking some time out of your day to recognize this is what you are doing and reversing the thinking so that you can get back onto a more positive path.

Write down your goal and then write down the reasons why you don’t think you can have it.  Reverse those reasons and instead of saying, “I can’t,” or “I don’t” switch it to “I can,” and “I will have.”

Pay attention to how you talk to yourself throughout the day.  Notice if those things are something you would say to a family member or good friend.  If it isn’t stop saying it to yourself.  You are in charge of your thoughts and your thoughts have a strong impact on your mood.  Make them as positive as possible.

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Get More Organized

Let’s be honest.  Being organized is not always my greatest quality after becoming a mom.  It is hard to juggle the constant demands of my kids, house, yard, dogs, man in my life and well, even myself sometimes.

I started out in my life as a pretty organized person.  I would plan out every detail of every vacation, weekend, and big project happening in my life.  Then, I had kids.

Having kids makes it just about impossible to plan because there always seems to be something happening that you had no clue would happen.  Sudden diaper blow out while you are standing in a 3 foot line to check out, someone falls and their knee turns into a bloody mess, a huge fit commences because you forgot their favorite lovey at home, or someone forgot to tell you that their project is due tomorrow morning when it is 9 PM and they are getting ready for bed.  All of these things happen every day and totally make you get off course.

This mom had all of that going on daily and then, I decided I wanted to start my own business.  I tried to wing what I was going to work on that day.  My youngest boy naps, so I always set time aside during that to know that was my work time.  However, if you are a parent, you know this also does not work.  Like today, I wanted nothing more than to work on my blog.  I have only been interrupted 26 times while writing this article because he has needed things to get more settled into bed.

What has really helped me, is writing things down that I need to get done and then checking them off when I do.  This way, when I get interrupted, I can always remember what I was working on before.  Also, checking things off as they get done helps me have a visual aid to the fact that I am actually accomplishing more than just cleaning up messes, planning activities to run out energy, or planning dinner.

I got myself a planner that I try to use daily.  Sometimes, it isn’t necessary because I still have plenty to do from the day before left on my list.  However, it still keeps me more accountable to what I sat down one morning and wrote down to do.  Otherwise, I feel like I’m in constant chaos.

Here is a video for even more information on how I became more productive

Fear Holds You Back

Fear holds us back from experiencing so many things. We skip everything that make us even slightly uncomfortable, just so we don’t have to feel that way. Sitting in our comfort bubble is so much better, it seems.

When you actually make an effort to get past the fear and get to the other side, that is when you feel the most exhilarated. It is true accomplishment. Maybe the fear should be to never feel that at all.

Think of all the experiences that you have not had because you talked yourself out of it.  Getting out of your own head is the key to being more happy.  If you give yourself more chances to grow and learn, you will feel more accomplished and fulfilled.

Society teaches us that we should be like everyone else.  Follow the masses and be sure to stay in line with everyone else’s beliefs.  However, what makes you happy doesn’t necessarily jive with what makes everyone else happy.  We are all unique.  This is what makes human kind so interesting.  Yet, we all try to make sure we are fitting in.

Stop telling yourself you can’t be different or that people won’t take you seriously if you suddenly want to change the things you’ve been doing.  It is their problem if they don’t like the change in you.  Life should change all the time.  Getting stuck in the same day to day routine is not what we are meant to do.  There is no point to not having an impact on the world, yet that is exactly what we are doing when we are blending in.

Find ways to bring out your individuality.  Seek things that make you happy and do not let the thought of what someone else might say cross your mind.  The key is, the more you are making yourself happy, the more you are making those around you happy too.  When you are afraid to go down the hall, you will never know what is at the end of it.

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Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Words

We are all familiar with this quote.  I actually tried to pin down who said these words and could not because so many different people have said them.  I never really paid attention to quotes like this before, because I believed them all to be lies.  Like thinking about anything really manifests anything.

But it does.

Since I have started actively doing this, things have started to change in my life.  We have started getting unexpected money into our household and events have taken place to start pushing us in the direction that we have been seeking for months.   I didn’t have my vision correct for a while, but now I do.

Be careful how you think when you are first presented with a new idea.  Negative thoughts can hide the hidden reason you are looking at it.

A little backstory about me.  I worked for a decade with lots of males in construction and industry manufacturing.  I got promoted to do what was considered a man’s job and was scared to have anyone notice that I was a woman.  I hardly wore makeup to reassure them that I was one of them.  If I did decide to wear it, they asked me if I was going on an interview or if I had a date after work.  It was quite annoying, so I decided to blend in.

When we moved to Colorado, I quit my high stress job and decided to stay at home with our kids.  Our youngest son was not even a year old.  It was after that when makeup became non existent for me.  I didn’t care how I looked because I had no where to go and the only person who saw me, for the most part, were my kids.  This made me start feeling isolated and depressed.

I knew I needed something more in my life, so I started looking into getting into business for myself.  Makeup was the last thing I wanted to do.  I wasn’t good at applying it and I had lost my interest in wearing it.  I found my company because I was looking into natural skincare options.  I believed in that so much that I took the leap, despite the makeup.  Of course you can’t work half a business, so, I learned makeup tips from my teammates and You Tube videos.

I practiced putting on makeup every day, because I considered it my job, and I started to realize, I liked wearing makeup again.  I liked the confidence it seemed to give me just because I felt put together and pretty.  It started waking up the feminine side of me that had been quiet for so long.  I felt more ready to take on the world.

Since then, I have helped many women find things that restore their confidence.  This is the greatest gift to me.  I love nothing more than helping people get some fire back into their lives.

If I would have hidden from my fear of makeup, I would never be able to experience that feeling.  I am blessed to be where I am and I wanted to share this story to inspire you past your fears.  You never know what real treasure you can find on the other side.

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Network Marketing is Taking on a New Meaning

Before I got into network marketing, I saw it as something people do to get a little bit of side income, discounts on the products they sell and somewhere they had to get hundreds of people into their pyramid in order to be successful.  Heck, even the definition of network marketing is, “a type of business popular with those looking for part-time, flexible businesses.”

Let’s go into what the words mean by themselves.  Network, “a group or system of interconnected people or things,” and Marketing, “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”  This sounds like it could very well take up more than an hour per day.

With social media at everyone’s finger tips, the industry is changing.  Your “network” can now be grown online and is not limited to the people in your neighborhood, church, or activities you attend.  It can be anyone you choose to find something in common with and get to know in the virtual world.  Don’t get me wrong, you can still expand your network in person.  It just takes longer and more time to find the people you are searching for.

So, why do people have such a negative image of network marketing?

I believe it is because the marketing portion of it got missed initially.  Many companies pounced on social media and instructed their network marketers to spam their products into the news feed ever day, blindly add all their friends into groups they have no interest in being in, and cold message people the same copy and past message that tells them how awesome this opportunity is.  No one was providing value or communicating with their potential customers.  They were not taught how to properly market.  People have had it with this way and, unfortunately, it taints the name of all network marketing companies.

However, there is a better way to run your network marketing business.  Stand out apart from the rest of the people in your company.  Don’t post the same exact same ad as everyone else.  Create some curiosity.  Something like, “wow, I love this new product I just tried.  It makes me feel amazing!” with a picture of it on you works better than, “Wow, check out this product,” with a picture of it and the price.  Your network has nothing to talk to you about if you give them all the information right away.

I have been taught nothing other than working my business this way.  I have lots of repeat customers every month and new customers generated from attraction marketing posts that I come up with.  People buy people.  Try a new approach in your business and see what happens.  It can’t hurt anything to give it a shot.

Starting a Blog

I decided to start a blog in order to further utilize my Bachelor degree in Journalism.  I have a lot of content that gets lost in the shuffle and I want somewhere to put all of my ideas.  I am a network marketer, mom, and woman trying to make her way in this world.  I believe in mindset, giving it my all and trying new things until I find out what works.  This is a new adventure for me to try and grow into.  I love to write and I love to share my ideas with all of you.  I hope you have fun riding along.